Extension of standard solutions of VAT registration and reporting and VAT control report in SAP ERP.


  • Customer-specific business transactions to filter a higher degree of variability in the recording and processing of tax returns
  • Absence of automatic controls during registration
  • Absence of automatic checks when changing already registered documents
  • The need to combine several transaction documents into one reported item
  • Lack of automatic notification of the need to replace the corrective or additional tax return
  • The need to change the consulting company to make simple operational changes to the document processing settings

Our Solution:

Our solution is to expand the standard system and add customization options to simultaneously cover all customer needs in the registration and processing of tax returns. The SAP system is adapted to various variations of the reporting of already registered documents using standard extensions. This customization is set continuously in a time sequence and allows the correct reporting of VAT even in the older period, which have different parameters due to legislative changes. The reporting system automatically warns of the need to perform a follow-up, resp. additional tax return on the basis of new documents in already reported periods, or when changing already reported documents.

Benefits and results:

  • Customizable solution enabling reporting of all business cases registered in SAP without changing accounting procedures
  • Clear report design
  • Identification of new / changed documents
  • Automatic notification of the need for an additional or corrective tax return
  • Variability of any settings in time sequence
  • Checking the validity of the VAT ID, also historically
  • Clear system for storing “real” xml file outputs of the report
  • Tool for creating XML files in case of multiple input data

Expansion mode does not affect functionality when upgrading the system.