Specializes in the development and sales of cyber security, including physical firewalls, antivirus, data leak prevention and endpoint security products.

Leader in network solutions

Fortinet is known for its FortiGate product line, which offers integrated network security solutions capable of providing high performance and comprehensive protection against cyber threats.

Fortinet also offers solutions for cloud security, SD-WAN, infrastructure protection, and many other areas, enabling organizations to comprehensively protect their digital assets in various environments.


FortiGate Firewall

the flagship product of the company, provides high-performance firewall solutions that integrate intrusion prevention, VPN, antivirus, application control, web filtering, and protection against malware and advanced threats.

FortiGuard Security Services

these services provide updates and real-time threat information, enabling FortiGate and other Fortinet products to protect networks against the latest security threats.


offers centralized management of security policies and devices, allowing network administrators to efficiently manage large installations of FortiGate and other Fortinet products.


provides advanced analytics and reporting functions for security events, helping organizations understand and respond to security incidents.


is an email security solution that protects against spam, malware, and data leaks, while also offering email encryption and archiving.


a Web Application Firewall (WAF), protects web applications and APIs from attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other threats.


is an advanced solution for detecting and analyzing zero-day malware and sophisticated threats, which allows for the isolation and analysis of suspicious files in a secure environment.


an endpoint security solution that provides integrated protection against malware, VPN access, and security policy management for laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices.


wireless access points that are integrated with FortiGate firewalls to provide secure wireless access.


a Cloud Access Security Broker, which offers visibility, control, and data protection for cloud applications.

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