OptimiDoc is a company that specializes in simplifying document handling through cloud storage and document management.


It provides solutions such as OptimiDoc Server for on-site print management and document capture with features and scalability suitable for any type of customer.

Key products include OptimiPrint, OptimiCapture, and OptimiDoc Server, which help automate the digitization of corporate documents, data extraction, sorting, and delivering documents to their final destination.

These products and solutions are designed to help organizations simplify and automate their document handling, reduce costs associated with printing and document processing, enhance the security and efficiency of workflows, and support digital transformation.

OptimiDoc thus focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for a modern work environment where efficient management and security of documents are key.



this solution is designed to simplify and enhance the printing processes within organizations. It allows users to better manage and monitor printing jobs, thereby helping to reduce printing costs and increase document security.


this solution focuses on automating the document digitization process. It enables quick scanning and data extraction from paper documents, transforms this information into digital form, and efficiently integrates it into corporate systems and workflows.

OptimiDoc Server

a centralized platform for print management and document capture, offering a scalable solution for any size organization. It provides advanced features for managing printing jobs, automating document capture and processing processes, thus increasing productivity and document security.

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