We bring you a new software ANNA, which is designed especially for doctors/pathologists. Application is based on artificial intelligence.

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ANNA offers a module for quantitative and semi-quantitative evaluation of immunohistochemical stainings of nuclear markers. It can determine the percentage of positive tumor cells out of the total number of tumor cells, not counting the other cell elements in the total number of cells.

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ANNA is classified as decision support system, which:

Saves time

Application allows pathologists to diagnose more patients, since they will not count cells from the selected image manually. ANNA can mark cells in the image and evaluate them within few seconds. Time depends on hardware equipment.

Ensures objectivity

There were definitely times, when you found yourself having a different opinion from your colleague. Specialists are people too and everyone can have a different approach to marking selected image, which leads to subjectivity. The core problem are deviations between multiple subjective opinions on the same image, where the result can be a different diagnosis for the patient. For instance, if you have detected number of cells under set limit and your colleague’s overall number was above this limit (even when those two results are very close), treatment for both diagnoses varies. Solution for challenging situations can be the objective approach of ANNA application.

Eliminates the error rate

Another problem except subjectivity in approach, is wrong evaluation of the image. Almost all manual detection processes made by human are associated with some error. Imagine the patient’s reaction when he worries about possible diagnosis and all depends on the correct evaluation which claims he is not ill. Small error in marking the cells can affect the final diagnosis / treatment.

Usage of application is simple and intuitive. Future of ANNA is clear. We plan to work on development of other modules to provide wider range of its services.

BRAIN: IT provides an unlimited 90-day trial version of ANNA. If you are interested in trying it, please contact us by submitting the contact form below.