Confirmation of balances and stocks of receivables and payables. It is a legislative part of the financial statements. This confirmation can also be used in normal business dealings.


  • Inefficient process of generating and processing balance confirmations at the customer’s business partners
  • Non-existent record of generated balance lists
  • No possibility to record returned certificates directly in the accounting system
  • Missing possibility of variation of sent lists of documents

Our Solution:

Our solution enables electronic and extended management of sending the status of receivables and payables for mutual approval. The user works with a clear report, which defines the business partners for whom this confirmation is required to be issued. The generated confirmations are registered in the system in a clear report, where it is possible to record various statuses of sending, confirmation, non-confirmation of the mutual balance.

Benefits and results:

  • Customizable data selection
  • Clear ALV output
  • Evidence of various statuses – generated, sent, confirmed, unconfirmed, including dates of processing or modification of the record
  • Automatic sending to the email specified in the partner master record
  • Print confirmation in PDF format
  • Ability to add functionality to the electronic signature of the document
  • Definition of the sender according to user customizing
  • History of sent confirmations