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Do you like to go to nature and do you love the views?

Then the Rozhliadnisa application is for you. You will find information about all the tourist lookout towers and observation towers in Slovakia and the border region, and in time you will surely also find lookout towers in our neighbours. You can easily find lookout towers in your area, view them on the map, search for lookout towers in the vicinity of any other town, village or district. You can also view them all at once on a clear map of Slovakia.

You can read basic information about each lookout tower, such as what mountain it is located in, what its height is, and so on. You will also appreciate useful information such as how long it takes to climb, what elevation you can expect, where to park your car or where the nearest public transport stop is located. The app can direct you to these places using navigation. However, you can also use it as an assistant for navigation in the field, as the map in the app has marked hiking routes and always shows your current location. So you can use it as a convenient and reliable hiking guide.

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