Digitalisation is already touching almost every industry and besides non-traditional projects such as funeral services or healthcare and its internal applications for employees, other projects have also been created. Government projects are always a big challenge and this one was no exception. This time our company BRAIN:IT participated in the development of a website called, which belongs to the National Helpline for Children at Risk.

Characteristics of the customer

The National Helpline for Children at Risk is an organisation that provides free and anonymous help for children at risk. It is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week helpline. On this line, children and adolescents can talk to professionals who are ready to provide psychological, legal help and support. The team of professionals is very sensitive to all situations in which a child finds themselves and always tries to provide appropriate advice, support and contacts to other organisations that can help. The National Helpline for Children at Risk is a very important organisation that provides safety and help for children and young people in need and adults where appropriate. They provide help over the phone, but also by email and especially free of charge.

Our challenge and goals

The key objectives of our Brain:IT business included:

  • creating an admin interface for consultants in order to communicate online with the client, archiving online communication, keeping client data;
  • creating a mobile app for clients in order to communicate anonymously with consultants;
  • creation of a WordPress website which, in addition to the possibility to communicate anonymously with consultants, also contains accompanying information about the activities of the National Helpline for Children.

Our solution

Our solution consisted of two parts. We developed a solution for:

1. Consultant – multiple chat windows are available for the consultant, thus keeping a communication overview, see. You can see it in the picture below.

2. Child – in the introduction there is a division available for the child for children under 12 years and for children over 12 years. For the child, in addition to the web interface, a chat tool is also available on mobile. The safety of the child is ensured by a special “Quick Away” button, which immediately ends the chat and deletes the history. The app is available for all iOS and Android mobile phones.

Mobile application

The mobile app is available for all common mobile phone and tablet operating systems – for both Android and iOS. The controls are intuitive and simple, suitable for communication with a consultant. In the chat, the client has the option to close the app immediately using the “Quick Away” button, which closes the app and clears the communication history. Anonymity is preserved in the mobile application, no obligation to provide true data is required.

The mobile app and the website have a correct usage procedure, namely:

  1. The client or child selects an available consultant. The available counsellors will be displayed in the first window.
  2. The client then fills in one mandatory field with the name – the data does not have to be true. The optional field is a telephone number.
  3. After entering the details and clicking the “Start Chat” button, the conversation with the consultant will start.
  4. The client is moved to the chat window, where he/she waits in a waiting list until the consultant accepts him/her and from that moment the conversation starts.
  5. Mutual communication is initiated, client and consultant messages are colour coded. Below, quick messages are prepared for the client, in case of stress or typing problems.


On the website, the client can access information according to their age category, as the website is divided by age up to 12 years and from 12 years upwards. On the website, there is an option to interact through a chat window similar to a mobile application. In the absence of a consultant, it is also possible to leave an email using the contact form.

Project difficulty


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Financial complexity

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Time complexity

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Načítanie 4/6

Benefit for the customer

The biggest benefit of the completed project is the publicly available chat on and the app on Google Play and in Apple Stores. The chat is intuitive to use. The chat has a special feature – it is possible to close the chat instantly via a series of buttons at the bottom of the application, or to delete the application history instantly. The app is available for all types of mobile devices. The website also contains valuable information for the client, including help rules on the homepage and chat, which is almost identical to the one in the mobile app.
Digitisation has proven to be a great thing in this sector too, where it can realistically save a child’s life from a dangerous, seemingly dead-end situation. The consultant – or social worker uses a chat tool, the other party remains anonymous. The website and app are beneficial for all parties involved and is completely free.