The topic of digitalisation in healthcare is very relevant and desirable, as it can bring, among other benefits, effective time savings to healthcare workers. Health insurance companies have acquired their own apps from which you can conveniently keep track of your personal information, your preventive check-up appointment will automatically land in your virtual mailbox and your doctor will automatically write you an e-prescription instead of a classic paper prescription.

Svet Zdravia takes great care of its employees. On the occasion of building the new Bory hospital, the end customer’s main motive was to connect a large number of new employees with each other. Thanks to this solution, the search for employees is facilitated and maximum comfort in their communication is ensured.

Softip with its vision asked us to develop an internal application for its client and its internal employees. How did we tackle the problem? Read on.

Client Characteristics

Svet Zdravia currently operates a regional network of 17 hospitals in the Slovak Republic. The hospitals are among the leaders in innovation, digitalization with maximum emphasis on quality. The focus is on financially sustainable and modern healthcare accessible to everyone.

We were contacted by partner company Softip to create an application for their customer Sveta Zdravia to manage contacts within the Svet Zdravia app.

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Our challenge and goals

  • Create an app that syncs contacts directly to the contact list on the device
  • Manage contacts within a single account integrated in the device profile
  • Ability to search for a specific provider by specialty or other specifications directly through the contact list
  • Example of our solution: a user of the Svet Zdravia app is interested in finding a radiologist. In his contacts he puts radiologist in the search. In the footer he has all available radiologists from the database. 
  • Regular synchronization of contacts during the day to ensure that the data is up-to-date and to optimize it in order to minimize resource costs
  • Integrate to the contact repository within SAP SuccessFactor

Our solution

The application was created for the ANDROID system, where we used the built-in mechanisms for solving the given tasks. Through the created account within the application (available through settings – accounts) we defined a synchronization agent, which was tasked to retrieve the current contacts and save them under their identifier in the contact list. In this way, we elegantly solved both the synchronization scheduling problem and the contact management problem – when you delete an account or an application, all contacts are automatically deleted from the device.

As a server implementation, we used an existing architecture built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Within it, we created a structure providing a RESTful API, a database system for data monetization and a synchronization job. These were primarily tasked with retrieving SAP SuccessFactors data (a source of contact information) and hiding a responsive implementation to this environment. Secondarily, they serve as a simply sustainable contact management system for the mobile app. Despite this, we have managed to keep the cost required to run the service at a very reasonable level.

Management of connected devices

In simple terms, device management is designed to give us information about connected mobile devices instantly. The application can identify the number of devices connected to the network. Once connected to Wi-Fi or data services, the app updates immediately and twice a day through the RESTFUL API. The app has more than 500 users today. However, the database contains over 13,000 employees and only those employees who have a business phone number are synced to the app. The app is not public in the mobile app store – Google Play, but it is distributed through a private MDM – mobile device management (Microsoft Intune). This ensures maximum security and confidentiality of both the app and sensitive data.

Project complexity


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Financial complexity

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Time complexity

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Customer benefit

We have created an application for internal users who can access selected contacts from the Svet Zdravia network. Contact management is done automatically and separated in a separate account to make it easier to manage the data. We have also managed to optimize the handling of a large number of records and improve security through the architecture used.

What the customer says about it?

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