At Brain:IT, the quality and well-being of our employees is a key aspect of ensuring long-term success and sustainability. This topic involves a wide range of factors including workplace culture, job satisfaction, employee benefits and working conditions. Companies that prioritize the quality and well-being of their employees are likely to have a more engaged and motivated workforce, which can lead to increased productivity, reduced turnover rates, and increased customer satisfaction. Strategies to improve employee quality and well-being may include offering competitive salaries and benefits in the provision of professional development opportunities. By prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of their employees, companies can create a positive and productive work environment that benefits both the company and its employees.


Our challenge and goals

Our partner approached us with a project for their client in the automotive industry to improve the quality and satisfaction of their employees. A problem that troubles several industries and troubled our client was an incorrectly set up and not optimized system of distribution and rotation of employees in job positions. This led to a loss of interest in the job positions and in worse cases, employee injuries and so on. All these factors lead to poorer company management and loss of funds.

The specific problems that were caused by the faulty system:

  • Ineffective change planning.
  • Inability to adapt to change in the case of an employee’s absence.
  • Employee rehabilitation costs, caused by noisy or dusty environments.
  • Inability to identify the originator of the manufacturing defect.
  • Incorrectly distributed bonuses and extra fee to employees.

Our solution

Our staff at Brain:IT completed a thorough analysis of the company’s workplace and designed and implemented an integrated information system. Our task was to replace the already established algorithms with optimization algorithms, to extend the system to the customer’s needs and the resulting interconnection of all systems into a single unit. The system provides the employer, the necessary information about employees in production in real time in a web application. The monitoring works with the help of already existing procedures in the form of employee cards, which are used to identify the location and activity in the production areas. This is also used to monitor the arrival and departure of employees and in the event of absenteeism, the system automatically assigns another employee to that position, which ensures a better flow of the entire company.

The processed data from employee monitoring is beneficial and, with the help of mathematical modelling, makes it possible to create new processes that were not previously possible:

  • Scheduling staff job rotations.
  • Scheduling work shifts according to worker’s skills or current needs in production.
  • Detailed calculations of bonuses, overtime, premiums, etc.
  • Monitoring product quality.

Project complexity


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Financial complexity

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Time complexity

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Employee benefits

The advantage of this system is that it can be used for a wide range of jobs and every employee benefits from it. It brings flexibility in shift planning to the management, HR department and operators in production and this leads to a better team.

Operator in manufacturing
  • Better rotation in job activities and reduction of stereotype.
  • Better orientation in the workplace.
  • Planning for the near future will ensure more efficient and enjoyable work.
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  • It helps to organise employees effectively in the workplace.
  • Changes the work schedule of other employees in the case of an employee’s absence.
  • Employee performance rating system.
  • Creation of employee work records, which may include the number of pieces produced or the number of work accidents, etc.

Human Resources Department

  • Efficient allocation of overtime.
  • Correct calculation of employee bonuses and extra pay for holidays and weekends.
  • List of training courses for employees and their subsequent allocation if the job requires additional training.
  • Support in HR processes.
Icon HR

Customer benefit

The required result was to help the company to support decision-making in production processes as efficiently as possible. The elimination of production delays due to employee absenteeism and good employee rotation for job roles has led to a reduction in expenses of hundreds of thousands of euros per year.