The project of documenting the scope and quality of business processes and related customer development creates a basic platform for the subsequent maintenance of the system in a unified structure. It provides an overview of implemented customer extensions of the system in a clear form.

Scope and Technical breakdown of documentation:

  • Personalized solutions and customer development
  • Customer system interfaces
  • Customizing personalized solutions
  • User roles and authorization concept


  • Lack of uniform records of customer extensions of the system
  • Increased workload with additional system changes
  • Poor transfer of know-how when changing IT service provider

Benefits and results:

  • Analysis of the information system with identification of its individual components and mutual interactions
  • Creating higher level documentation
  • Control of personalization of business solutions
  • Economic incident management
  • More efficient management of system functionality extensions
  • Auditability of the state of customer development, settings and their changes since the introduction of reverse engineering