Scan automation project, utilization, automatic creation of accounting documents, archivation of received invoices and integration to ERP system. In our case ERP is SAP system.


  • Manually inserting supplier invoices to accounting system
  • Time-consuming process of evidence of documents
  • “Document loss” possibility between registry and accounting departments
  • Tedious manual data control in documents

Our solution is:

to automate the registration of the book of incoming invoices through OCR scanning of invoices and subsequent import into the SAP system. During the scan, an initial check of the invoice is performed. Subsequently, the external system calls a web service, which securely downloads the invoice data and inserts it into the SAP system. The user then has the option to run a report that displays the scanned invoices for comparison against the order, tracking history, sorting, filtering, creating a preliminary document and the like. In this view, in addition to displaying the invoice details, the user also has the option of posting the displayed invoice directly to the FI or has the option of issuing a preliminary document to which the appropriate DMS record with the invoice scan is assigned. Data on all steps are stored in logs for the case of content and process audit, for each registered document.

Benefits & Results:

  • Faster registration of incoming invoices
  • The user devotes his working time to more professional activities than rewriting texts and numbers
  • Automatic control of public registers, eg.:
    • VAT ID validation
    • insolvency control
    • control of bank connections
  • Check for duplicate documents
  • Clear record of processing states
  • Definition of authorizations for individual which document processing
  • Possibility to process paper documents and electronic files containing invoices