A comprehensive system of inventory of tangible fixed assets in the SAP system environment. It can be used for customers using asset records in the FI-AA, SAP ERP module.


  • Manually demanding physical inventory
  • Increased personnel costs
  • Use printed paper lists
  • Cumbersome control of already performed inventories
  • Lack of inventory planning
  • Manual recording of results on paper and subsequent manual recording in the registration system

Our solution:

The asset inventory system combines data from the economic information system with inventory processes into a unified electronic record and procedures that bring a high degree of automation and the elimination of manual activities. The system eliminates the complex paperwork, rewriting and manual control that classical inventory brings. The system consists of three parts – a module in the SAP system, a mobile client and an inventory portal. The solutions implemented in the economic system use property and personnel data for the management, organization and recording of inventory results. The mobile client is used for physical inventory, where by reading the barcode it is confirmed resp. adjusts the status of inventoried assets. The inventory portal creates a bridges between the mobile client and the SAP system.

Benefits and results:

  • Easy operation and search
  • Fast inventory processing
  • Low error rate
  • Reduced inventory workload
  • Print labels from SAP environment
  • Reporting, auditability, controllability
  • Approving and assigning tasks and access rights
  • Electronization of the whole process