Application PAULA:

is a tool for automated controlling compliance with the new regulation of compulsory masks wearing and maximum count of customers in stores. There is two main functionality. The first is that the system can detect a mask on the face. The second is automatically count customers coming in and out from the store or building. The most significant advantage of this product is low hardware requirements. All you need is an average computer and an average video camera.

National Council of the Slovak Republic, in connection with the effort to stop the spread of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and orders all citizens to wear a face cover in the form of a mask, surgical mask, respirator, shawl, scarf, or other aid that covers nose and mouth. Covering one’s face is mandatory in all public areas or generally in public. However, it is crucial to adhere to this regulation in shopping malls, grocery stores, petrol stations, and similar businesses, where larger groups can gather at a time.

PAULA is an application based on the principles of the ANNA product. It is a free downloadable application that raises awareness about the company and has allowed us to reach many companies with marketing and point to us. Paula has more than 600 downloads.

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