We provided digital transformation for a weapon producer in central Europe. Our customer had digitalized enterprise resources through ERP system SAP.


  • Confirmation of purchaser’s orders by the supplier. Our customer was unable to get the necessary information about the amounts of goods and date of delivery.
  • Planning of production was not reliable.
  • More complicated unloading goods in storage. The worker had to search and validate the order manually.
  • Unable to evaluate supplier reliability.

Our Solution:

Our solution is an integrated portal for suppliers. This solution is fully integrated into the ERP system. In our case, it was SAP. For registration of the supplier, we used already existing supplier identification number and contact information from ERP. We used the standard purchasing process in ERP and, through standard abilities, import information about confirmations. The supplier can confirm the date and amount of goods after this confirmation system generates an attachment for a purchase order. This attachment includes barcodes with goods identification number of order, identification numbers of items, and confirmed amounts. During the unloading process in a warehouse, this attachment is used for automatic scan amounts and validation with the SAP system order.

Benefits and results:

  • Time-saving communication with suppliers
  • Time-saving storage process in the warehouse
  • More reliable planning of producment
  • Evaluation of suppliers and better position for negotiation