Merging two media companies and merging their SAP accounting areas.


  • Different business of both companies
  • Accounting records and records of all business cases must be fully functional in the receiving system, according to the master rules of the receiving company
  • High variability of exceptions and connection details
  • Sharp connection of data and functionalities of both systems and productive start-up must take place in a minimum of time
  • Corporate system change restrictions
  • The need to check the accuracy of the migrated data and all functionalities in the new system without increasing personnel capacity

Our solution:

All necessary business functionalities of the merged company are set in the system of the acquiring company. All corporate system restrictions are met. To perform the migration itself, a robust migration tool with its own customizing is created for all the necessary bridging of settings between the two companies. This tool uses the standard BAPI of the target system, which achieves complete control during simulation migration runs. Logging of all program runs for audit purposes is a matter of course. The migration itself and the sharp productive start of the merged company takes 20 minutes.

Benefits and results:

  • Seamless integration of merged company system functionalities
  • A migration tool that detects all possible document registration errors in the new system
  • Extremely fast sharp migration
  • Retention of logged data for audit and operational controls
  • Implementation of the project without the need to increase personnel costs