Modification of the SAP ERP system for the period from the approval of the implementation to its physical implementation for a major print and media company.


  • Accounting and registration of the distribution of all business cases in the current system according to defined rules among newly acquired companies
  • High variability of exceptions and distribution details
  • Unclear date of final distribution depending on confirmation of the decision of the state authority
  • The need for ongoing monitoring
  • The need to follow current accounting procedures
  • Corporate restrictions on system changes
  • Multiple increase in the number of accounting items without expanding the project team

Our Solution:

There was a solution implemented in the company, which automatically settled each accounting case according to the defined rules of division of the company, while almost all accounting and registration procedures were maintained. Appropriate adjustments also had to be made on the part of the external systems. Due to the high variability of the distribution parameters, all changes to the distribution settings parameters were stored in separate logs. Extended authorization management has been deployed to modify partition parameters.

Benefits and results:

  • Clear management of distribution rules in the system
  • Significantly lower system performance burden compared to choosing the “final statement” path
  • Continuous monitoring of the status of the distribution records and probiding of relevant documents for the company’s management
  • Minimal interference with established work procedures
  • Implementation of the project without the need to increase personnel costs