Cyber ​​security audit

A regular cyber security audit is essential to protect your network and information system.

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Cyber ​​security audit

The audit concerns the operators of the basic service. Our certified auditors will focus on finding elements that weaken the security of the network and information system, with the aim of preventing cyber incidents. The security measures of your information system and network will be assessed in accordance with legal requirements and special regulations. They vary depending on the category to which the underlying service falls.

What is a basic service?

The basic service is registered in the list of basic services on the website of the National Security Office. It depends on the network and the information system and is a service from the area / related to:

  • banking, digital infrastructure, post and others,
  • critical infrastructure,
  • public administration.
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What is a cyber incident?

It is any event that, by disrupting the security of the network and information systems, violating a binding methodology or security policy, will negatively affect cyber security. The consequence of such an event:

  • It will limit the availability of the basic service or the digital service, or stop it completely,
  • Violate system integrity, destroy or cause loss of confidentiality of data or information,
  • High probability of compromising core service or digital service activities.

Prevent unpleasant situations, data leakage or loss of important data. Avoid a security breach that would endanger the information system and valuable data. Contact our certified cybersecurity auditors to inquire about a cybersecurity audit today.

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