• Increasing number of requests to staff
  • Requests are duplicity and answer can be reuse
  • Poor navigation, the frustration of end-users.
  • Recently, the demand for interactive electronic communication has been increasing

Our Solution:

A chatbot is our solution for increasing the demand for interactive communication and its constant optimization.
We live in a dynamic time where modern technologies are gaining ground in everyday life faster than ever before.

Chat Bot statistics:

  • 74% of users prefer chatbots while looking for answers to simple questions.
  • 65% of consumers feel comfortable handling an issue without a human agent.
  • 82% of consumers claim that instant responses to their questions are very important when contacting brands.
  • 60% of millennials say they have used chatbots. 70% of them say they had a positive experience.



  • Increased availability to 24/7 operation
  • Relieving workers of repetitive activities and save costs
  • Reduce the time required to obtain relevant information
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increasing awareness and transparency
  • Increasing awareness and innovation potential