As a subcontractor, we developed an information system for store information and lifecycle management of eGovernment information services, information systems, licenses, code lists, and other eGovernment components in the Slovak Republic. This project digitalize strategy and concepts of Digital Transformations government organization units.


  • Customer needed to create a process of creation and control of the unified architecture of the Public Administration
  • Management of the life cycle of projects and relevant documents for individual phases of the project and management of their controls,
  • Administration of SW licenses and Information and communication technologies,
  • Management and administration of public code lists within the state administration,
  • Monitoring of IS and services,
  • Manageable access by role to project documentation

Our Solution:

The solution is a very complex and modular Information System with many features as created and manage entities as an information system, information services, project, project documentation, licenses, information system architectures, and other components. This digital transformation includes the digitalization of all processes related to named entities and the customer’s business needs. The solution provides integration with a tool to create, manage architectures for projects.

Benefits and results:

  • The solution provides conditions for maintaining planned and operated information technology assets in a unified structure.
  • The new environment supports effective IT asset management, lifecycle management, and monitoring.
  • Increased transparency
  • Provided information of Government services