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We use agile development methodologies to actively communicate with a customer during the development process, to provide him recent information about project development status to easily join this process and actively participate in the implementation of his delivery.

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Business competition grew up significantly as AI solutions became the most optimal ones. And you do not want to miss this opportunity. Gain a competitive advantage with well-designed and customized artificial intelligence solutions built to suit your business goals and challenges. Our experienced and certified team will work with you to design, develop, and implement a fully custom solution to help you accelerate with the speed of light.
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"This is the way" how your company can access AI:

  • AI strategy – identifying opportunities and creating roadmaps for utilization of machine learning in the company
  • AI product management – identifying opportunities and implementing machine learning in specific projects and products.
  • Feasibility analysis – specifying solutions, assessing their performance, data requirements, and limitations, creating implementation roadmaps.
  • Pilot projects – fast proof of concept construction, validating ideas and assumptions
  • Data model – advising on optimizing gathering, storage, and transformation of data and an overall data model.
  • Expert engagement – increasing the AI capacity and capability by engaging an expert team on a time and material basis.
  • AI technology stack – choosing and implementing the right tools with your team
  • Building in-house machine learning teams – help create job position requirements, test assignments, lead interviews, and provide continuous support.
  • Machine learning education – providing educational courses, tutoring, cooperation, aimed either at data scientists or executives

Financial sector

The investments in field of Artificial intelligence & machine learning is growing worldwide, and prediction says that it’ll grow even more. Banking is the second largest industry implementing AI solution. The key areas in Financial industry for AI implementation will be without no doubt security, decision-making, and customer experience. According to the Delloite survey “AI and Risk Management: Innovating with confidence”

Deloitte – AI and risk management shows that, overall, the adoption of AI in FS is still in its infancy. Only 32% were actively developing AI solutions and 40% were still learning how AI could be deployed in their organization.

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Vision system

In the industrial environment, we find great use in defectoscopy, where it is possible to use artificial intelligence to control the condition and quality of goods during production. In the automotive and engineering industry in general, it can help with the inspection of joints, welds, rivets, screws, parts, paint, and possible anomalies.

Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence

Big data and AI give Industry 4.0 a huge boost nowadays. Intelligent software solutions can use the high volumes of data generated by a factory to identify patterns and trends that can be used to make manufacturing processes more efficient and reduce their costs and energy consumption. Plants have to adapt to new circumstances and undergoing optimization constantly. AI can lead you to discover many complex connections in systems that aren’t yet or are no longer evident to the human eye.
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Digital Pathology and Artificial Intelligence

The processing of digital medical images using deep neural algorithms offers innovations like artificial intelligence in the diagnostic process. This creates a space for certain diagnostic tools that help the already trained medical and support staff.

Digital Radiology and Artificial Intelligence

Radiology has been known in medicine for decades, and X-rays, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Computed Tomography (CT), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) generate humongous data that needs to be processed. AI uses this data to provide a decision support system to help medical staff make their clinical decisions faster and with higher accuracy.

When you can see it

These technologies have remarkable potential in healthcare when the medical staff uses their eyes to provide diagnostic. We can say, “When you can see it, AI can see it.”

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