Neural networks and nowadays well-known expressions Deep neural networks and deep learning lead to more and more companies implementing their power into businesses. This product is based on monitoring of people’s movement in businesses eq. Shops, shopping centers but can be used in factory halls as well. The provided output is in heat maps for the most visited areas in the shops and shopping centers. This product is applied in factory halls to deny entrance employees to a restricted area.

The system consists of:

  • Integration:
    • Camera vision systems into factory halls, shops, shopping centers, etc.
    • High power graphics card gained server point for realtime processing
    • Possible integration as an embedded system
      Installation of desktop or web application for monitoring of people movement and management
  • Main benefits of APMB system:
    • Application in shops leads to analyzing people’s movement and providing the possibility of optimal product distribution across shops.
    • Similar to the benefit above, there are an implementation of this prediction to shopping centers for analyzing of shop visiting rate, which leads to optimal rental management
    • Denial of entrance into restricted areas