A solution has been implemented for a customer from the automotive industry. Due to the signed NDA, it is not possible to appoint our customer.


  • Non-objective career evaluation of employees. Impossibility to evaluate based on the employee’s view, competence, attendance, and the like.
  • There was no standard solution for the evaluation of the department and other organizational units.
  • Complicated workflow for evaluation that could not be implemented without the implementation of the system.
  • Lots of requests(position change, bonus, rotation) for an HR department.
  • The employee did not have an overview of his HR account. There was no motivation from the HR department by presenting targets to get a bonus or promotion.

Our customer has more than five thousand employees and a very complicated but attractive bonus system. The HR department needs a portal solution to be transparent and evaluate employees. The presentation of all necessary information in real-time for an employee is a vital part of this solution.

Our Solution:

  • Integration through middleware (able to adopt any type). The solution is integrated into the ERP system. In our case, it is SAP.
  • The next essential integration is to our other solution – “effective environment eHR”. This solution provides evidence of errors and work position for the evaluation process.
  • There was some further integration to third-party solutions like KPI and training management.
  • There is a lot of calculation and customizable parameters under the hood.
  • We gained an outstanding balance between automatic calculations and necessary time to time exceptions that the administrator or responsible manager can manage.
  • The system provides various customizable notifications for managers to fill evaluations or employees to fill attended or any other notification need.
  • Presentations, as is mentioned, is a responsive portal solution.
  • Our solution also provides mobile applications that use the same UI from a responsive portal but provide notification integration to notify employees in real-time.
  • All that you need your employee is available together and always in his pocket.


  • All data in one place for Managers, employees, HR workers.
  • Automatic and effective calculations.
  • Paperless solution.
  • Motivation system for the employee. They can see their progress in real-time.Automatic notification for filling in necessary information from employees.
  • All communication through effective form screens without the need to print anything. (Environmental friendly).
  • Automatic notification for managers for evaluation or any other necessary interaction with a subordinate.