Our experts have participated in this solution as external workers. This case study is not an example of our direct contract but as an example of our team experts’ experiences and knowledge.


  • Unused critical data
  • Inefficient warehouse management
  • Complex supply chain monitoring
  • Rising costs for existing supply chain flow

Modern enterprises generate enormous transactional data throughout a product’s lifecycle via sourcing, producing, and fulfilling orders. This data becomes trapped in transactional systems or is depreciated, where extracting it is time-consuming, making it difficult to see the big picture. Our customer wanted to reduce the costs involved in their existing supply chain flows by analyzing this data and acquiring optimized supply chain paths, and improving warehouse management throughout their distribution centers.

Our Solution:

We build a supply chain predictive model that automatically creates the best routing options for our customer’s raw materials supply chain, which varries small items to big machines. Our system also provides access to analytics and visualizations using supply chain data, which gives the customer exactly what is happening and gain insight on what step to do next.

Our solution enables electronic and extended management of sending the status of receivables and payables for mutual approval. The user works with a clear report, which defines the business partners for whom this confirmation is required to be issued. The generated confirmations are registered in the system in a clear report, where it is possible to record various statuses of sending, confirmation, non-confirmation of the mutual balance.


  • Putting the supply chain in context with visualizations that highlight trends
  • Annual saving for our customer jump to 8 million €
  • 35% reduction of inventory storage
  • 80% more accurate predictions than human experts