At Brain:IT, we specialize in these industries.

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Our goal is the same as anyone in healthcare. To help people and save a life. We provide tools to make diagnostic faster and save time for medical personal to focus on important activities.
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Production and automotive

BRAIN:IT team provides a full cycle of services that bring flexibility and scalability to our customers, starting from establishing project requirements, strategy to embedded systems development, implementation, maintenance, and QA.
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Financial industry

We help fintech experts, financial institutions, insurance companies, banking, and insurance companies transform their offerings with custom financial services solutions to gain a competitive edge, find valuable business insights, and gain the security of end-products.
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Digital Transformation

Gain a competitive advantage with a digital transformation built to suit your business goals and challenges. Our experienced and certified team will work with you to design, develop, and implement a fully custom solution to help you move forward.
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IT & IT security industry

We use agile development methodologies, which means that we actively communicate with a customer during the development process, so he always has all recent information about which functionalities are in progress at a specific time to join this process and actively participate in the implementation of his delivery.
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Online and Media Houses

We help create an effective environment for your business by using the latest innovations and modern integrations, giving us an edge over the competition.
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