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The IT industry is experiencing a huge boom worldwide and Slovakia is not lagging behind in its progress. The coronavirus pandemic may have been a slight obstacle at first, but over time it turned out that this very difficult time helped digitization in several industries. osing the right company is very important. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the Slovak IT companies that are able to effectively help your business.


The company is located in Bratislava and Žilina. It provides innovative software solutions and consulting. The company’s main activities include digitalization and development of customized solutions. In this development, they are able to identify and effectively use the most advanced technologies and techniques such as artificial intelligence, mathematical modelling, specific types of database systems, various integrations and much more. The company has a number of international certifications as well as certified experts. In addition to the aforementioned services, which are starting to be more and more mentioned in the general public, BRAIN:IT also has its own products. The flagship of these products is NFQES as a qualified electronic signature solution, recognised throughout the European Union. Hand in hand with the electronic signature goes the highest level of security, which they can effectively advise you with. You have probably already come across some of their products and services. Definitely worth mentioning is the „Rozhliadni sa“ app, for our hiking enthusiasts.

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Globally recognized and used antivirus software that prevents malicious malware and ransomware from infiltrating your computer or mobile device. Eset provides its services for both homes and large businesses where high-end cyber security is concerned. It is one of the most prominent Slovak IT companies. If you have already been hacked and your data has been encrypted, then don’t hesitate to contact them. They have the best technologies for data recovery.


A company with very strong competencies in user interface. Yours (UX and UI) is the main reason a user stays on a website or app. GoodRequest helps with the creation of new products, focusing on user experience and design. Rather than developers, you’ll identify them as a digital studio that can help you make a nice and well marketed product.

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Want to take your marketing to the next level but don’t have an army of marketers? Digitize your marketing communications. The Slovak company Kontentino offers you the planning of posts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Kontentino’s service is a clear web application for publishing, editing and approving posts. The application also serves companies, where everyone is assigned a job function (graphic designer, translator, admin, …) and can collaborate with other colleagues to publish posts and make your marketing more effective.


Probably the most successful Slovak ERP system, ABRA Gen (Your Accounting), provides a tailor-made system for an overview of the entire company. The web application provides full control over the running and management of the company from A-Z. Organizing business activities through production to bookkeeping in one place can save time, and in the end, money.